My name is Stephen Asonye, I'm a designer, writer, and product enthusiast based out of Dallas, Texas.

Over the course of my career, I've had the pleasure to work on and build awesome products. From helping build an eCommerce clothing brand from the ground up with my best friend to working on an ad-tech platform for hotels. I'm passionate about designing products for the future.

What is my mission?
To design innovative products for the future. Products are my passion and having the ability to influence how people use them is what drives me. I hope to one day design a product that is used by millions.

What's my area of expertise?
I believe in specialization.
- User Interface/Visual Design
- UX Design
- Interaction Design
- Copywriting
"Stephen was hired to help us solve design challenges on an important project with a hard deliverable date. He was able to immediately provide value and contributed greatly to keeping the project on the planned timeline. Stephen is a self-starter, highly motivated to solve problems for his clients, and produces quality work quickly. I look forward to working with him again in the future."
John Brackett
Senior Product Manager, Koddi
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