In 2018 while working at MIZIZI, a small eCommerce clothing brand, we decided to move our inventory that was being housed in a third-party warehouse into our garage. As we were growing month over month, what we didn't anticipate when leaving the warehouse was the complexity of managing exchanges. To deal with this issue, we started to track everything with excel spreadsheets. As you can imagine that didn't go to well, we started to ship incorrect sizes and that affected our customers experience. After dealing with this for a few weeks, I decided to speak with the owner to come up with a solution for this.

Design a simple user-friendly web application that helps e-Commerce clothing brands manage their online exchanges.
Design Planning and Research:

After identifying the problem and solution, the next step in my process is the design planning and research phase. I'll make a mood board where I drew inspiration from, sketch out some ideas/flows and do some low-fidelity wireframing.
High Fidelity Mockups:

After doing some initial research, brainstorming, sketching and wireframing task flows, its time to do some high level visual mockups from the information gathered from the previous phase
Interactive (InVision) Prototype:

After designing all the screens and flows based on requirements, the next & final step is to create a interactive prototype that can be used for usability studies and testing
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